Add-on cooling systems in Yarraville

Add-on cooling for gas ducted heating can give you total control over your home’s climate. If you want the option of turning your heater into an all-in-one heating-cooling unit, then The Heat Shop in Yarraville might have the solution for you. We have a range of add-on cooling systems that can fit in with your existing heating, basically operating as add-on air conditioning to ducted heating, so you don’t have to install a separate cooling unit.

So how does adding air conditioning to ducted heating work? The add-on cooling system uses the fan from your ducted heater to deliver cool air through ducts to each room. In the ducted heating mode, the unit blows out warm air, and after switching to the add on air conditioning mode, an instant cool, refrigerative air is released.

Gas ducted heating from our Geelong and Yarraville outlets is a popular way to heat homes so having the option of adding cooling to existing ducted heating is the perfect solution. However, the other advantage of add-on cooling is that you can choose to add this component at a later date if you initially only opt for gas ducted heating. Please note that The Heat Shop Geelong does not provide add-on cooling.

Call The Heat Shop Yarraville to find out more about add-on cooling for gas ducted heating, or search our website for our range of heating systems or other air conditioning options from our Geelong and Yarraville stores.