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Split System Installation

September 16, 2019

As split system installation specialists we are coming into the busy period and it’s always wise to get in early particularly with the large demand that typically hits us after a few hot days to remind us that summer is on the way. We have been established in Geelong and Yarraville for some time now,...

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Winter is OVER, Summer is HERE- Don’t get caught out this year!

September 4, 2019

Winter is almost over. Spring is here, and that means allergies. The Heat Shop’s expert air conditioning installation team is ready and Daikin has released some new products for the Summer, a new look Zena range and the Lite series. Are you ready for this summer? Spring is in the air too, and did you...

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Daikin Celebrates 50 Years In Australia with a New Product Release

July 10, 2019

To celebrate Daikin Air Conditioning 50 Year Anniversary in Australia, they have released a new product- LITE Systems. Daikin’s new Lite Systems is an entry level single split and multi split range packed with features and quality that you can rely on. R32 Refrigerant The next generation in refrigerants with 66% lower ‘Global Warming Potential...

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Tesla unveils its Gateway upgrade for Powerwall 2 battery

May 2, 2019

  Tesla has chosen Australia – with its world-leading battery storage market – for the global unveiling of its upgraded home energy manage ment system – the latest version of the Backup Gateway hardware that supports its Powerwall 2 unit. The Backup Gateway 2 upgrade, which partly accounts for the recent hike Tesla’s household battery...

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Winter is coming

April 29, 2019

The cooler months have arrived, to be sure you stay nice and warm we recommend you have you heater serviced before winter truly sets in Hydronic Heaters should be service annually and its best to have it done before you really need it. If you have a ducted heating system, clean out the filter and...

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Winter is Coming

April 29, 2019

Don’t wait until its too late to have your hydronic heating checked before winter. As soon as the temperature drops everyone rushes to turn on the heater, make sure yours is ready to keep you warm when you need it. Check it early and book in a service if it has been a while since...

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New Daikin Multihead Split System

January 10, 2019

This Summer Daikin have released the new Multi-head split system.  One outdoor motor that operates up to 5 indoor heads (1 per room). Choose from the traditional split system hi-wall head or a more architectural finish with a bulkhead unit in your new project, or even a ceiling cassette. The hi-wall heads are now the...

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The Heat Shop South East is Opening it’s Doors!

October 17, 2018

With over 35 years of successfully serving Geelong and Yarraville, The Heat Shop has decided that the time is right to expand its operations into Melbourne’s South East. We believe that our values of exceptional customer service and systems-based installation are ideal for this exciting market, to that end The Heat Shop South East has...

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TESLA Powerwall2 IN STOCK – Get Yours Today

August 1, 2018

The TESLA Powerwall 2 are back in stock, get yours today to start saving on your power bills Tesla Solar Battery Powerwall 2 We currently have Tesla Powerwall 2 in stock in our Melbourne and Geelong offices. Call us now to gt a free quote on installing a Tesla Powerwall. Authroised Telsa reseller in Geelong...

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