Air conditioners & cooling systems, Geelong & Yarraville

Choosing an air conditioning or cooling system is an important decision, which can be made more complicated by the extensive range or air conditioners on the market. You might have questions about our Daikin air conditioning units and what makes them so energy efficient, or want to know how an inverter air conditioner can make a difference. The Heat Shop in Yarraville and Geelong is here to keep your air conditioner purchase simple, with our expert team available to explain all you need to know and find a system that’s perfect for you.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

A reverse cycle air conditioner is a popular choice as a climate control system, as it offers flexible cooling options while also serving your heating needs. The Heat Shop in Yarraville and Geelong has a great range of reverse cycle air conditioner solutions, with systems to cool entire buildings, large or small, as well as single-room spaces.  

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Add-On Cooling

Add-on cooling for gas ducted heating can give you total control over your home’s climate. If you want the option of turning your heater into an all-in-one heating-cooling unit, then The Heat Shop in Yarraville might have the solution for you. We have a range of add-on cooling systems that can fit in with your existing heating, basically operating as add-on...

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