Yarraville and Geelong commercial heating systems

The Heat Shop in Yarraville and Geelong are the commercial heater suppliers Melbourne and Geelong clients trust to deliver quality heating solutions. We’ve established great links with the business industry, making us a recognised supplier of commercial heating systems for large and small projects. Some of these projects include large offices, schools, retail outlets and warehouses.

The Heat Shop has commercial heaters which are renowned for their superior energy efficiency, which complies with our mission to supply the most energy efficient heating and cooling solutions to our customers. Our team goes above and beyond in our service, providing a thorough assessment of your building layout and heating requirements.

Among our range is both the commercial hydronic heating systems and the Daikin VRV, a dual-climate control system also offered as a commercial air conditioning solution from our Geelong and Yarraville stores. Our commercial hydronic heating comes in two separate systems, each providing central heating. The hydronic radiator heating uses gas boiled water circulated to radiators in each room, under the control of an electronic thermostat. The hydronic underfloor system uses boiled water which is circulated in pipes laid under the floor. Both hydronic systems distribute a comfortable, natural central heating that is highly energy efficient.

Call or visit our stores in Yarraville or Geelong to find a commercial heating system that will best work for you.