Electric under tile heating systems

The electric floor heating options available at The Heat Shop are suitable for any flooring design. From heating cables which can be embedded into a floor slab, to an underfloor mat with attached heating coils, plus others options, our under tile heating range will include something to suit your home or business.

Electric floor heating works on the basis of radiant heat. Rather than heating air like traditional systems, under tile heating warms up floor coverings and transfers heat to a room. This makes for a cosy living environment with fewer dust particles, which is great for asthma and allergy sufferers.

We offer the DEVI underfloor heating systems at The Heat Shop Yarraville and The Heat Shop Geelong stores. These systems offer many advantages, including flexibility, durability and energy efficiency. Thermostat control also enables you to heat specific areas independently, meaning under tile floor heating systems can fit in with your lifestyle and changing heating needs.

Visit or call us and chat to our team about electric floor heating, or any one of the options from our large heating range. You might also like to consider hydronic underfloor heating from our Geelong and Yarraville stores as another natural heating alternative.