Heat pump systems Geelong & Yarraville

Heat pumps are another way to heat your home from the ground up, with the heat pump system operating through underfloor heating. The Daikin heat pumps available at The Heat Shop are a great option for those looking for an efficient, cost effective heating system that distributes a comforting warmth underfoot, just like the hydronic heating from our Geelong and Yarraville stores.

The Daikin Altherma heat pumps work by extracting heat from the outside air, raising this heat to a higher temperature via an evaporator, and distributing warmth around the home through underfloor coils. Even in the coldest weather, heat pump systems can still still take heat from outside to warm up your home.

Other benefits of the heat pump system include:

  • low running noise
  • no gas supply, flues or ventilation required
  • low running costs
  • simple installation
  • can connect to your hot water service

The heat pump system is just one of the underfloor heating options at The Heat Shop, with hydronic underfloor heating and electric floor heating from our Geelong and Yarraville headquarters also available. Call our team and find out more about Daikin heat pumps or one of the other fantastic options in our large heating range.