Hydronic heating systems, Geelong & Yarraville

Dale, Eddie & RobbieHydronic heating systems are a natural form of central heating which work wonderfully well in homes, offices and other building spaces.
Choose a hydronic heater from The Heat Shop’s Geelong and Yarraville stores, with both panel radiators and underfloor options available.


Hydronic Panel Radiators

Hydronic heating panels are an outstanding way of heating a home or building, known for providing the most natural and pleasant form of central heating. In fact, the ancient Romans are credited with first using a system of hydronic radiators in their celebrated bath houses to warm them for patrons. The hydronic heating from our Geelong and...

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Hydronic Underfloor Heating

  Underfloor heating is like a big electric blanket for your home, providing instant comfort and warmth when you come in contact with it. The hydronic underfloor heating from The Heat Shop is a popular option for those in the market for heating as it offers greater usage of space and is super comforting on...

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