Reverse cycle air conditioners, Geelong & Yarraville

A reverse cycle air conditioner is a popular choice as a climate control system, as it offers flexible cooling options while also serving your heating needs. The Heat Shop in Yarraville and Geelong has a great range of reverse cycle air conditioner solutions, with systems to cool entire buildings, large or small, as well as single-room spaces.


Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted air conditioner can keep your whole home cool so it won’t matter where in the house you spend your time. The Heat Shop specialises in Daikin ducted air conditioning from our Geelong and Yarraville stores but also offers other top brands on the market. A discreet ducted air conditioning system is the ideal choice...

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Split Systems

Split systems are a great option for controlling temperature in just one area of the home. The Heat Shop has a great range of split system air conditioners to choose from and will answer all your questions about split systems, as well as other air conditioning options from our Geelong and Yarraville stores. Our air conditioner...

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Multi Split Systems

A multi split system air conditioner is capable of cooling multiple rooms from the one unit, as opposed to the common split system systems well sell from Geelong and Yarraville and which function in one room alone. A multi split air conditioner links several cooling units from an outdoor condenser to different rooms of the house or office, meaning you can...

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Bulkhead Units

In spite of its name, a bulkhead air conditioner is perfect for tight ceiling spaces and those people who want an air conditioning system that’s basically invisible. Bulkhead air conditioning units fit into the ceiling space of any room and the only sign it exists is the discharge grill in the roof or wall. This...

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Cassette Systems

A cassette air conditioner from The Heat Shop is a practical and stylish solution to cooling your home or office. This ceiling-mounted air conditioner is quiet and efficient, and fits flush to the ceiling with only the grille showing, making it barely noticeable. The Daikin cassette air conditioner is our most popular in this range,...

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Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

The Heat Shop has developed a successful relationship with many businesses and boasts a thriving commercial air conditioning service across the Geelong region and Melbourne, from our Yarraville store. We supply Daikin commercial air conditioning systems not only for their high quality, but their recognised energy efficiency, as The Heat Shop strives to offer the most energy efficient...

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