Multi split system air conditioners, Geelong and Yarraville

A multi split system air conditioner is capable of cooling multiple rooms from the one unit, as opposed to the common split system systems well sell from Geelong and Yarraville and which function in one room alone. A multi split air conditioner links several cooling units from an outdoor condenser to different rooms of the house or office, meaning you can choose the areas you want to cool.

Multi split air conditioning is ideal when there’s limited space to accommodate multiple outdoor units, or for buildings lacking space for ducted air conditioning. Our multi split air conditioner range includes many different indoor and outdoor units, so we will find something that matches both your power needs and decor.

Reverse cycle multi split systems can also heat

Choosing a reverse cycle multi split system means you get the benefit of a dual purpose climate control system. With the press of a button, a reverse cycle multi split air conditioner will send warmth throughout your home or office, giving you the flexibility to adjust settings to the exact climate you want. This function is not only extremely practical, but having a heater and air conditioner in one can save you money, time and space.

In addition, the inverter power control within a multi split air conditioning system allows the unit to operate at a low capacity most of the time, saving on energy costs. Inverter multi split systems constantly alter the heating or air conditioning output to ensure rooms remain at your optimal temperature.

Our experienced team are trained to help determine which multi split air conditioning system will work best for you, so visit us in our Yarraville store or Geelong store to find out more. You can also find out about our other reverse cycle air conditioning systems or large range of heating options we offer in Melbourne and Geelong.