Hydronic heating panel radiators

banner-3Hydronic heating panels are an outstanding way of heating a home or building, known for providing the most natural and pleasant form of central heating. In fact, the ancient Romans are credited with first using a system of hydronic radiators in their celebrated bath houses to warm them for patrons.

The hydronic heating from our Geelong and Yarraville shops has come a long way since then, now incorporating a sophisticated electric thermostat and gas-fired boiler. The gas boiler heats water and silently circulates it to hydronic panel radiators located in each room, while the thermostat enables the temperature of each room to be individually controlled.

Other benefits include:

  • highly efficient, saving on energy costs
  • ideal for asthmatics and allergy sufferers
  • natural & comfortable warmth
  • safe & reliable
  • no noise
  • low maintenance

The Heat Shop Yarraville or The Heat Shop Geelong are the teams to see for your central heating needs, with many years experience installing and servicing hydronic heating panels and hydronic underfloor heating from our Geelong and Yarraville outlets. We can install hydronic central heating to new or existing homes or offices, needing very little space between walls or under floors, unlike larger ducted heating or reverse cycle heating systems.