Invest in reverse cycle heating in Geelong and Yarraville

March 29, 2016

Avoid winter’s chill and unnecessary heating bills

Noticed anything the past few nights? Well, if you’re like us, you’ll have felt the chill in the air announcing autumn has well and truly arrived and winter is on its way, bringing with it the peak demand period for reverse cycle heating systems in Geelong and Yarraville.

Reverse cycle heating systems are one of the most popular products we install at The Heat Shop, and with good reason. Versatile reverse cycle systems do the job of keeping homes and businesses cool in the heat of summer but also perform the dual role of providing warmth when the temperature falls in the cold seasons.

We’ve unfortunately discovered in our years in the heating business that there are new home owners – and quite a few owners of established houses – who skimp on installing an appropriate heating system to warm their home because they think they can save money and get by without a good heating systems for the time being. Their thinking is that they’ll upgrade one day when the cash is available.

However, what invariably happens is that as the mercury plummets so too does the occupants’ resolve, and after a while they drag out the old bar heater or invest in a cheap fan heater to ward off winter’s chill.

But using those old-style heaters is a formula for minimal short-term gain and maximum long-term financial pain. We reckon burning money to keep warm would be as efficient as using bar and fan heaters. The rate at which those heaters burn through power means homeowners fork out a small fortune warming their toes and not much else and ultimately spend just as much as they would have if they’d installed an effective reverse cycle heating unit.

If you’ve had to shiver through winter then you need to talk to our Geelong and Yarraville teams about installing reverse cycle heating and cooling. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the price and you can be guaranteed there will be no ongoing bill shocks because not only are reverse cycle heaters affordable to buy and install, they’re also one of the most economical types of heating to run.

As well, when summer finally rolls around you only need to push a button and you’re enjoying cool air. Warm in winter, cool in summer. It’s the perfect scenario.
Contact The Heat Shop now before winter arrives and talk to our reverse cycle heating experts in Yarraville and Geelong. We’ll happily discuss your options and recommend the best product, whether it be reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling or a standard reverse cycle heating unit.